My email inbox was screaming at me

My email inbox was screaming at me

When I first started Serene Space there wasn’t much email coming my way.  I could respond to every email personally and in what felt like a reasonable time. The over achiever in me thought, “I can always respond within a couple hours.”

Then my business grew and I had clients filling my calendar, joint venture partners, coaches I was learning from, events I was attending and referral partnerships I was developing. My inbox started to feel like a monster, like it had a life of it’s own.  Emails would sit in the inbox waiting to be responded to, screaming mean things at me like, “Loser, can’t you even stay on top of EVERYTHING?”  And then so much time would pass I would feel embarrassed and guilty and never reply.  Of course, I was picking and choosing what to respond to.  I was still taking care of my clients, but the count in the red circle was growing and my anxiety and the fear that I’d missed something was growing too.

As an organizer, I knew there had to be a way to handle this, to get a process and even technology tools that could help me and save me stress and anxiety.  I did lots of research, listened to podcasts, read books and started experimenting with different ways to reach inbox zero (some of the time).

The days of worry that I’d missed something and the guilt I felt for taking forever to respond faded away. Plus I could be realistic about my response time.  I learned to allow myself to not “stay onto of EVERYTHING” but stay on top of most things.  Through this process I had developed a system for handling email and I wanted to help other entrepreneurs with this too.

One of the tenets of my organizing philosophy is that no system/ process/ storage solution is one size fits all.  Each person thinks uniquely and needs unique ways of handling life and business. So I created a framework for helping clients get their email handled. We tweak and adjust it to be a customized solution they deserve.

Here’s what one client shared after working with me:

“I am a cancer doctor, entrepreneur with my own clothing line and soon to be author (writing my first book) and mother of 5 children. I consider myself tech savvy and organized but have found that I use too many different products and don’t have a great system to organize all the parts of my life. But now I completed your email challenge and am excited to finally have a zero inbox!”

-Katie D, Portland OR

If you are stressed, overwhelmed, and feel like crying at the number of emails screaming mean things at you from your overflowing inbox I’d like to help. I’ve got 2 client openings for January to help you get your business sorted. Whether it’s the email, the piles and piles of business cards or the projects that never get finished until the last minute, we can create solutions that make running your business a breeze.  If you’re ready to love going to work everyday, even on office days, let talk.  You can check out more about the Serenity of Systems– the program thats going to take you from overwhelmed to confident in one season.

Also for those of you who want some quick help, watch the Digital Drain video.  I recorded it live in July, so if you  missed it, be sure to watch it and begin the journey towards a more organizing business.